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Chat bots are a growing trend which uses artificial intelligence to deal with basic enquiries via the website, either directing people to specific pages. products and services, or gathering contact details for follow up calls and emails by the sales team.

It's much more efficient than a traditional chat window that requires a human being to be sat at the other end, as the chat bot works 24/7 without a break, and is always friendly and polite, and never off sick or hungover!

Our interactive ChatBot software now integrates with WhatsApp

Our interactive ChatBot software now integrates with WhatsApp, so at the end of a chat, the customer can choose to forward the message thread to WhatsApp, or they can even choose to continue the conversation in WhatsApp itself.

The ChatBot can be connected to any mobile phone number which has WhatsApp installed. So the business owner would either receive the chat thread as a WhatsApp message, or a request to continue chatting in person via WhatsApp.

This can be added to any existing ChatBot, and is also available as part of any new bots we create.

Case Study - Lingbot

The first public version of the BY Design chat bot was purchased by Lingwood Security Management, who use it on a daily basis. They christened it Lingbot.


Lingbot serves two key purposes - sales leads and internal communications.


The chat results are emailed to the sales and support team, and also stored in a simple online grid interface for quick reference.


Staff who work remotely find it easy to go to the website and request things like PPE or extra uniform by telling Lingbot what they want.

If a chat bot is something your business would benefit from, get in touch to discuss and let's start the conversation.

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