Carbon Neutral Website Hosting

Carbon Neutral Website Hosting

BY Design is proud to offer carbon neutral website hosting to all of our clients at no extra cost.

Your website hosting shouldn't contribute to your carbon footprint...

We can help your organisation take steps to become carbon neutral by moving your existing website, or creating a bespoke/brand new one, onto our carbon neutral web server.

All of our website hosting customers have the option to display an official carbon neutral badge in one corner of their website, or it can simply be referenced within the website text in a more subtle manner.

The server itself is based in the UK, with 24-hour on-site engineer support and a one-hour response time for any issues or alerts.

DDOS Protection is also available for those clients whose online business is a vital part of their daily turnover.

How does it work?

Our main web server is held with UKFast, who are a carbon neutral business and the first carbon neutral hosting provider in the UK.

The formal accreditation belongs to them, which cascades down to cover the BY Design server, and as a result, all of the websites hosted upon it.

If you are looking to have your website hosted on a carbon neutral server backed up by excellent customer service, get in touch to discuss your options now.

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Becoming Carbon Neutral - UKFast

UKFast is now a carbon neutral business, working with one of the world leaders in carbon management to offset carbon emissions.

In addition, UKFast have achieved PAS 2060 - making them the 1st carbon neutral hosting company in the UK:

  • 100% Carbon neutral office and data centres
  • 100% Carbon neutral client hosting solutions

UKFast offsets will contribute to a number of hydropower renewable energy schemes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from higher-emission fossil fuel sources on the regional electric grid.

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