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Using ChatGPT with WordPress

ChatGPT is the amazing artificial intelligence chat bot developed by OpenAI which has been creating waves across all sectors of the business world over recent months.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend creating a free account with OpenAI and testing it out with a few questions – ask it to explain something scientific or ask it to write you a poem.

WordPress Integration

BY Design have researched and identified a way to integrate ChatGPT into customer websites as a fully AI chatbot.

Typically, ChatGPT would work well on a large website, either to help find content, explain concepts, provide product recommendations, identify trends or provide useful information such as parking advice or accessibility – the list is endless. That’s not to say it can’t be added to a smaller website, as anyone can engage with it and ask it anything.


Fully Customisable

The behaviour and look of the chatbot is fully customisable; there is the option to give it a ‘personality’ beyond its own original AI brain, which is already polite and charming. For example, do you want it to be a technical, creative bot, or more jokey and light-hearted in its replies? Or, if the bot is aimed at children, or those with a limited understanding of a topic, you can configure it to simplify its answers to a specific intellectual level.

There is also the option of having different bots for different parts of a large website, each of which is independently configurable using the above framework.

Welcome Message

You can name the chatbot and create a default welcome message for it to use, which is both suited to the nature of your business and website, and equally to the personality you have configured for the bot. You could even ask it to suggest its own welcome message, which adds a whole other dimension to the project.

Pro Features

There are some additional features available in a pro version of the software. One of which is the ability for a website visitor to ask questions about the content of a long page without reading it all - for example, if the page is about a television, they could ask for the dimensions or weight of the device without scrolling to find the information.



Aside from the cost of having the bot created and deployed on your website, there is a charge for each question that is answered. This is done using an API call from your website to OpenAI (think of it like sending a secure text message) for each answer, and although the cost is very small, a busy website could soon run up a bill. There is an option to fix the monthly billing limit for the bot, in order to avoid incurring a huge cost, however at that point the bot will switch off and stop answering questions until the new billing period.

Implement Your Own Bot

To discuss implementing ChatGPT on your WordPress website, or for further information about any aspect of website design, hosting and management, please get in touch via the button below.

Joomla and ChatGPT

At present, the above solution is only available for WordPress websites, although we are also looking into using it for Joomla. Further details will appear here.

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