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WordPress 6.2 Performance Improvements

A recent article on the Search Engine Journal highlights the performance improvements delivered by the WordPress team in version 6.2 as a result of automated performance benchmarking and coordination between core contributors.

All BY Design customers will automatically be upgraded to version 6.2.

Core Team Development

WordPress 6.2, the latest version of the popular content management platform, was created in a different way by the core development team. This change of approach has introduced improvements to how the system runs and operates, increasing the overall performance versus version 6.1. The new working processes catch problems at the time changes are introduced, preventing them from making it into the final version release.

The performance improvements delivered by the WordPress team in version 6.2 are a direct result of automated performance benchmarking and coordination between core contributors. Full details via the link below.

WordPress 6.2 is the first major version that improves server-side performance across the board. The previous WordPress release, version 6.1, was marked by an overall decrease in performance, what WordPress refers to as performance regressions.

What they discovered is that even though they fixed the largest single cause of performance regression as well as introduced multiple performance enhancements, the overall site performance was still dragged down by changes that degraded performance.

WordPress explained the lesson they learned from the version 6.1 release:

“Despite other performance enhancements landing in those releases, the regressions effectively ended up cancelling out the enhancements. The more regressions there are, the less impactful any other performance enhancements are overall.”

WordPress Development Performance Lead


WordPress Automated Benchmarking

WordPress noted that performance regressions happened unnoticed because not every change was manually checked for the impact to the overall release.

To address the shortcoming of not being able to manually test every single change to the core, WordPress introduced automated performance benchmarking for all changes.

Automated performance benchmarking measures the impact of every change in order to catch hidden performance bottlenecks before they make it into the final release versions.

WordPress Turned a Corner on Performance

WordPress has been working hard for the past few years to integrate performance improvements into the development workflow.

In the beginning the performance team was making improvements such as reducing redundant or unnecessary JavaScript that was loaded for each page and adding things like lazy loading images.

But now the performance team is integrating performance benchmarking straight into the development phase of each improved component at the GitHub commit level and using automated performance benchmarking to scale improvements.

In essence, WordPress has successfully added performance into the DNA of its development process.

Read the full article:

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