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Using Generative AI For Website & Email Content

We recently attended a fascinating seminar on Generative AI, looking at how it is currently being adopted successfully in the marketing world.

The event was hosted by Parry, the inspirational CEO of phrasee.

The webinar began with a brief lesson in art history, looking at how the introduction of the very first cameras was a scary concept for portrait painters, as they believed it was going to take away their work. What actually happened is that art evolved into a more creative medium, and the works produced were far beyond anything a mere camera could capture. Whilst that is a very abrupt summary, it is the principal message of the lesson.

Generative AI can be used to solve writer’s block, to output some content that can then be edited and curated by a human, to add feeling, expression, creative thought and to ultimately make that content unique.

It presents a great opportunity for website content creators to become curators of AI media.

There are still huge limitations and uncertainties around AI, and caution needs to be exercised when using it. There is also a degree of skill required in order to extract the correct information from it, as the way you phrase a question will reflect the response it returns.

From an SEO perspective, there are also some important factors to consider around content duplication. For example, imagine the result of the following command – write me a page of SEO copy for a signwriter’s website. This should in theory return the same response each time. The next level of command would be – write me a page of SEO copy for a signwriter’s website in Preston. If two companies did this, and both had identical web copy as a result of the command, Google would penalise them. So the next level of command becomes – write me a page of SEO copy for a signwriter’s website in Preston which is more effective than DLC Signwriting’s page (not a real company). And so on.

The Backlash

We are already seeing a backlash against the threat of AI from screenwriters, authors and journalists. While generative AI tools may not be ready to replace humans, writers of varying disciplines challenge the threat of unregulated AI.

This article on SEJ summarises the situation:

Whilst there are obvious concerns around the use and regulation of Generative AI, when it comes to website content and email marketing, if used correctly it can be an incredibly valuable asset.

For further information about how you can utilise Generative AI in your projects, please get in touch.

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